KingFisher SR-126 Surface Joint Timber Fishing Lure

Kingfisher Lures have a new addition to their stables. The Kingfisher SR126 Cod Lure is for sale here at the fishing tackle shop, and you're going to want a few colours, at least.

Two indisputable fish facts ensure the Kingfisher SR126 surface lure is a must-have for barra and Murray cod anglers.

Firstly, both species take shelter in heavy, lure thieving cover. Secondly, both fish attack surface lures aggressively.

The floating SR-126 timber lure, paddles across the top water crating and irresistible disturbance cod and barra can't leave alone. Even if they are not hungry, these notoriously cantankerous fish will attack them just for getting in their zone.

The Kingfisher SR-126 Surface Lure encourages you to cast deep into the structure. It floats, so you’ll avoid much of the snaggy nightmare that that lies just beneath the surface.

It's this snag ridden nightmare cod and barra called home, so it is imperative you get in there for the best possible results. Moreover, you can get into the rough stuff without sacrificing a month's wages on lost lures.

Most importantly, fishing the topwater for Murray Cod and barra is just about as exciting as fishing gets. The Kingfisher SR-126 Surface Lure will provide guaranteed access to this excitement.

The Kingfisher SR-126 Cod Lure is designed here in Australia, for Australian conditions for the best possible performance against our favourite natives.

The jointed, timber lure is constructed from the toughest of hardware and components. With a couple of mouse clicks, the Kingfisher SR-126 Jointed Surface Lure will arrive at your house ready to cast. Whack one or a selection of colours in your trolley. You don't want to miss these, and they are flying off the shelves.


  • Lure Type: Topwater
  • Buoyancy: Floating
  • Feature: Articulated (jointed)
  • Length: 126mm
  • Weight: Approx 60g
  • A must-have for Barra and Cod
  • Timber construction
  • Bibbed


The uniquely shaped bib creates noise and splash that attracts fish from a distance.
The floating design allows anglers to work heavily snagged areas with a lesser chance of losing the lure to the underwater structure.
The lures length and weight encourage long accurate casts. Anglers can hit small regions in structure from a distance, ensuring they maintain the stealth advantage.

Brand Kingfisher

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