Gear Guide: What Are the Different Types of Fishing Rods?

Those who are not fishing fanatics might have a very simple view of what fishing looks like, and how your equipment can significantly shape your success out there on the water. OZ Fishing is one of Australia‚Äôs most trusted fishing suppliers, with an extensive selection of fishing rods to cater to every fisher's need, both commercial and recreational. If you are looking to try your hand at a different style of fishing or want a refresher on the various types of fishing rods out there, here is your guide to fishing rods. 

Today we will look at the baitcasting rods, fly fishing rods, spinning rods and overhead rods.

Baitcast rods

The selection of baitcasting rods are some of the more popular products at OZ Fishing, and you can find a wide selection on the website. Baitscast rods are ideal for areas where you need to drop a line in an area that is crowded like a riverbed. A baitcasting rod will also typically be powerful enough that it can be used offshore, where conditions can be more unpredictable. The length you are aiming for is going to be determined by the type of fishing you do and where, but a 6-foot to 7-foot baitcasting rod size is a good place to start if you can get to a physical store and get a feel for the rod.

Fly rods

Fly rods are quite a recognisable rod type, with the signature weighted line and weightless lure (fly) being cast in fly fishing spots. The rod is also quite thin when compared to a regular fishing rod, and will be more flexible than the average spinning rod. The thin fly fishing rod and the weighted line will create enough velocity so that the fisher can almost lasso the heavier fishing line. It is important to remember that you must use a fly rod for fly fishing because a regular fishing rod will not be suitable and is in fact the opposite of what you are wanting to achieve (weightless line and weighted lure). 

Spinning rods

A spinning rod is a fishing rod that is easily identifiable, as it will bend with the force of a catch on the line. Like most fishing rods, the spinning rod has specific purposes and will suit select fishers. The spinning rod is for retrieving and casting lures. They can also be used for bobber fishing, boat fishing, ice fishing, bottom fishing or surf fishing. Here at OZ Fishing, we will typically see the spinning rods used for boat fishing as it can be a great tool when you are further out and dealing with deeper water.

Overhead rods

If you are looking for a rod to use when on the boat, then an overhead rod is going to be your best bet. The rod is designed in such a way that it can be easily used in this setting with the reel located at the top of the rod, and it is also shorter and stronger than a casting rod. An overhead rod will also be a great tool for fishers who are looking to catch a larger species of fish, as the overhead function and powerful design allow for agile action. Game fishing is becoming more popular in recent years, so be sure to have the right equipment before heading out as you might not be a match for the fish out there!


Which of these fishing rods suit your needs, and which fishing rods have you used in the past? Find a wide selection of every type of fishing rod, with all brands and price points represented. Our OZ Fishing team of professionals are always available to point you in the direction of the right fishing rod so contact OZ Fishing today!