The Lure List: Breaking Down Some of Our Favourite Fishing Lures

Date Posted:21 September 2022 

There are few lifestyles that have more variety in their craft than being a fishing enthusiast. With different rods, hooks, lures, lines, and more, each being perfectly suited to their own selection of fish and locations, you have a lot of range in terms of how you equip yourself for the water. As a leading Australian fishing supply store, OZ Fishing exists to ensure that you have exactly what you need when you need it. That’s why, today, we’re going to look at a few of the lures that we use, and our customers love to give you a little insight into what’s available.

What Makes a Good Fishing Lure?

One of the most interesting parts of fishing is just how much variety can go into getting the ideal setup for a particular species or area. Different areas will require different equipment based on the types of prey the particular fish is used to hunting, and different bodies of water may require heavier or more maneuverable varieties of lures to fish effectively.  In other words, what may work for a soft plastic lure may not be as effective with a harder, heavier variant, and vice versa.

Some questions to consider when you’re choosing lures for your next fishing trip include:

  1. What is the main prey species of the fish you’re looking to catch?
  2. What depth does your lure have to sit at to effectively stay in the catch area of your fish?
  3. Is the water very murky or discoloured, requiring a more noticeable/vibrating lure?
  4. Are conditions windy, requiring a heavier lure?
  5. Is it particularly cold, making larger, more “calorie-efficient” lures more desirable to fish?

These aren't the only considerations to make, of course, but they should get your mind ticking over the type of thinking you’ll need to do to ensure you have the right lure for the job. With that said, here’s a small smattering of our recent favourites to get you started:

The Megabass Sleeper Gill

Designed as a realistic, highly versatile lure, the Megabass Sleeper Gill’s realism sets it apart from other similar lures by quite a wide margin. It has become known for having a high level of maneuverability, striking while others snag, as it were, so it’s natural that the Megabass Sleeper Gill has quickly become the go-to swimbait for those fishing in weed-dense waters. These difficult, dense waters are where the Megabass Sleeper Gill truly shines, but it has been used in more open waters to fantastic effect. If you’re looking for a realistically elegant swimbait with a great track record for success, the Megabass Sleeper Gill has you covered.

ADUSTA Pick Tail Swimmer

One of the go-to picks for those that fish Murray Cod specifically, the soft-bodied Adusta Pick Tail Swimmer is a fantastic collaboration with ADUSTA to create a highly lifelike wobbling bait. For those that don’t know the name, ADUSTA is a Japan-based fishing tackle and swimbait manufacturer that has been innovating in the field for quite some time. So, if you’re interested in adding something new to your fishing arsenal or are new to cod fishing and want a lure with a strong track record, the ADUSTA Pick Tail Swimmer is for you.

The 100mm Shimano Squidgy

Its absolutely fantastic name aside, Shimano’s squidgy line of lures is an absolute world-beater of a fishing accessory. The level of detail that goes into making good lures never ceases to be a fascination. When you see the squidgy with its bio-salt scent, paddle tail, and ultraviolet-enhanced design, it’s a good reminder of the craft that goes into a convincing, effective swimbait design. Coming in a variety of styles and colours, including the drop bear and killer tomato varieties, we’re sure you’ll enjoy them as much as we do.


There’s always more to say about fantastic fishing lures; we will definitely get to that in future blogs. However, we hope we’ve given you some helpful tidbits to help you expand your fishing arsenal and try some new things with your bait. To stay up-to-date with more blogs, tips, tricks, and all things fishing, visit the Oz Fishing blog today, or explore our site for more fantastic fishing finds.