What is Fly Fishing? A Guide For Beginner Fishing Enthusiasts

So many Australians have made fishing into a lifelong hobby, with few experiences as good as escaping out onto the water and reeling in a catch. So, what is fly fishing and how does it differ from regular fishing? Fly fishing is a little more niche, but there are lots of new fishing enthusiasts who are trying their hand at this style of fishing. If you are looking to get started with fly fishing and are not sure where to start, here is a comprehensive guide for beginners - straight from our team of experienced fishing professionals. 

What is fly fishing?

Fly fishing can be characterised by the method of fishing and the lure selection. Through an angling method, a fly fisherman will use a lightweight lure to catch fish. This lure is called an artificial fly and is cast with a fly rod, a reel and a weighted line. The idea is that the lure sits on the surface of the water and looks like a fish or invertebrate, to attract a fish. This is different from regular fishing which will entail a weightless line and a weighted lure - essentially the opposite of fly fishing.

Fly fishing is typically something that people will try when they have grasped and succeeded at regular fishing, as fly fishers will usually expect to catch a larger volume of fish in that one session. You can fly fish in fresh and salt water, but not every fishing spot is going to be ideal for fly fishing so check to see if you can fly fish in an area before you arrive.

What do I need for fly fishing?

Now that we have discussed the difference between fly fishing and regular fishing, you will want to start finding the best fishing tools and accessories to set you up for success. Investing in a quality fly fishing rod, reel and line from OZ Fishing are where you want to start, and we recommend buying all your fishing goods in the same place so that they work together seamlessly. You can also purchase a fly fishing combo that has all the essentials. You will find a range of different sizes, features and rod lengths, so assess which variety will meet your needs based on your regular fishing kit. If you want to shop confidently, be sure to reach out to the knowledgeable OZ Fishing staff.

Some fishing enthusiasts will also buy a separate fly fishing tackle box for the dedicated fishing reels and accessories, so this might be something you wish to invest in to keep your fishing activities separate.

Perfect the cast

Fly fishing requires you to utilise a specific cast movement, as you are working with a weighted line and a weightless lure. There are so many different videos online that will show you how to do this, and you might also be able to see it done in real time if you frequent popular fly fishing spots in your area. Most professional fly fishers will tell you that perfecting your cast is the best way to become a proficient fly fisher, and practice will also allow you to sharpen your technique. The overhead cast is one of the more basic and easy-to-learn casts, as well as the roll cast, so be sure to practise both as you never know what will be required out there in the water.

Try out a range of flies

Like anything to do with fishing, we all have preferences in the techniques and fishing tools we choose. You may find that sampling a range of flies will get you closer to finding your ideal selection. You can see a wide selection of fly fishing flies on the website, each made with different textures (plastic, feathers, etc) and colours. The most popular type of flies are nymphs, streamers and dry flies - but your choice may actually be dependent on what you are anticipating you will catch. This is where it is valuable to speak to those fishing in your fishing spots to see what success they have had with what flies.


OZ Fishing is proud to be one of Australia’s top suppliers for all things fly fishing and fly fishing accessories. Take a look at our wide fly fishing lure range and keep an eye out for our fly fishing combos that include all the essentials required for success out on the water.