Daiwa Double Clutch IZM 60SP

2020 New Colours:  

  • Brown UV Suji
  • Ghost Black Red Suji
  • Motor Oil Gudgen
  • Ebi
  • Golden Trout
  • Brooke Trout

A jerkbait with few peers the Double Clutch continues to set the standard as the ultimate suspending twitchbait. Highly lauded by bream anglers in Victoria and Tasmanian, and loved by jerkbait loving bass anglers further the north the Double Clutch is a lure with mass appeal.

Featuring Daiwa’s unique Silent Gravity Oscillation System, the Double Clutch casts like a bullet for effortless, trouble free casting, while on the retrieve its twitching and darting action works from the very first twitch courtesy of its innovative tungsten weight sliding weight transfer system.

While bold in action the Daiwa Double Clutch is reserved in sound with its internal dampening washers keeping lure noise to a minimum to enhance finesse appeal.

A precision designed hydrodynamic body and bib allows the Double Clutch to reach maximum diving depth, with 1.3 metres achievable on the crank and 2.5 metres on the twitch and pause. A legend in its 75mm form, the new Double Clutch 60SP is finesse jerkbait perfection in true Double Clutch style.

  • Model: Double Clutch 60SP
  • Type: Suspending
  • Length: 60mm
  • Weight: 3.6g
  • Depth: 1.3m

The Daiwa Double Clutch Colour Range:

The Daiwa Double Clutch 60SP is the smallest in the Double Clutch Range and comes in a large array of colours, a personal favourite in murky water for trout and bream is the Olive Pellet, but if your using the Double Clutch 60SP in dirty water other colours like Black Sniper, Caramel Sauce, Rusty Ayu, Crab liver and Golden Shiner work a treat, Other colours in the Double Clutch range such as  Lemon Squash, Yamane, Albino, Swallowtail Flight Reversal, Holgram Matt Clear and Ghost Wakasagi are excellent in clear water streams, estuaries and lakes. Using The Double Clutch 60SP in Salt water estuaries where the fish feed on whitebait and baitfish colours like Ghost Bait, Lazer Wakasagi and Lazer Ayu are perfect. Daiwa have designed the Double Clutch 60 SP to be effective on a wide range of species  with this large  colour range and you wil find them very effective.

How to fish the Daiwa Double Clutch IZM 60SP:

The Daiwa Double Clutch IZM 60SP is best fished with a light rod, a good example of a combo to fish the Double Clutch 60 with would be a Daiwa Legalis LT or Exceller LT in 1000 or 2000 size matched with a TD Hyper Rod in either 701ULFS or 702ULFS and J Braid of 6lb to 10lb max. A combo like this will give you the best casting and get you the most out of your Double Clutch 60 lure and will double as a good Fresh and Salt water combo.   

Coming out in 2020 with a whole range of new colours the Daiwa Double Clutch  IZM 60SP broadens it range and fish catching ability to suit and target a larger range of species.

Brand Daiwa

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