Daiwa Double Clutch 2020 New Colours 95SP 95mm Fishing Lure

2020 New Colours:  

  • Takasagi
  • Sakura Suji
  • Brown UV Suji
  • HL Black Red Suji
  • Ghost Black Red Suji
  • Motor Oil Gudgeon
  • Ebi

Having attained consistent results over the last decade, the Double Clutch IZM in 75mm and 60mm have built a strong reputation as one of the must have tournament bream lures on the market.

In 2016 Daiwa introduces a new size in the Double Clutch range of colors to suit a range of species. This new Daiwa Double Clutch size is quickly gaining grounds as one of the must have impoundment trout trolling and casting lures and being a big fish fish producer, with this is mind there is a superb selection of excellent trout colors/patterns. Not only trout but the Double Clutch 95 will also make an excellent jerkbait for bass, golden perch and sooty grunter in the fresh and also at home for flathead, jacks, estuary perch and plenty of other estuarine species.

The Daiwa Double Clutch with its unique bib design and slender profile causes the lure to track straight and deep making this one of the best slim jerk bait around. Featuring Daiwa’s Silent Gravity Oscillation system (S-GOS), the lure contains a tungsten weight that slides to the rear of the lure along a wire to shift the weight to the tail to achieve accurate, bullet like casts.

Double Clutch IZM 95SP-G dives down to 2 metres on a straight crank and 3 metres when twitched, while it suspends on the pause enticing fish into striking. When retrieved, the S-GOS weight shifts to a position that optimizes the wobble of the lure but when cranked hard and fast, the weight shifts to the front for increased balance and deeper diving.

To enhance the finesse appeal of the lure, noise from the sliding weight is minimised by dampening washers that absorb the impact.

New for the Daiwa Double Clutch IZM 95SP-G in 2016, is a fresh range of colours to complement the 3D realistic eyes, ultra sharp SAQSAS trebles and internally painted bodies, resulting in an incredible lifelike finish.


  • Suspending
  • S-GOS “silent gravity oscillation system”
  • SAQSAS trebles
  • Chip proof internal painting
  • 3D realistic eyes

Model: Double Clutch 95SP-G
Type: Suspending
Length: 95mm
Weight: 8.8g
Depth: 2.0m

Daiwa Double Clutch IZM 95SP-G colours in detail: 

The Daiwa Double Clutch IZM 95 SP-G comes in a wide range of colours. The largest in the range of Double Clutch lures the 95SP is designed for bug Trout, bass, golden perch and sooty grunter in the fresh water and the 95mm will be at home at home for flathead, jacks, Big Bream and Barra,

If you want Big Trout and Salmonids then there are a few select colours in the Double Clutch 95mm that will be better, colours like Yamame, Midnight Trout, Iwana, Black & Gold and Rusty Ayu have proven themselves.

How to fish the Daiwa Double Clutch IZM 95SP-G:

The Daiwa Double Clutch IZM 95SP-G is best fished with a medium rating rod, a good example of a combo to fish the Double Clutch 95 with would be a Daiwa Legalis LT or Exceller LT in 4000 size matched with a TD Hyper Rod in either 701HFS or 762MHFS and J Braid of 15lb to 20lb depending on whether you need stopping power or not. A combo like this will give you the best casting and get you the most out of your Double Clutch lure.    

Coming out in 2018 with a whole range of new colours the Daiwa Double Clutch  IZM 95SP-G broadens it range and fish catching ability to suit and target a larger range of species.

Brand Daiwa

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