Daiwa Needle Nose Reel Oiler

Daiwa makes reels, outstanding reels, so they know a thing or two about keeping them in top working order. Daiwa fishing reel oil is designed to lubricate the finer moving parts of your precious fishing reel. You have invested a lot of money in your kit. Most often, boat aside, the reel has been the most expensive part of your kit. Modern reels are jam packed full of amazing finely tuned technology that needs some TLC. With a simple dash of oil from the Daiwa Reel Oiler, as part of your scheduled maintenance routine, you can save yourself a lot of heart ache and a lot of money.

For many of us, if not most, we have more than one reel. In fact many of us have amassed an arsenal of fishing reels of all shapes and sizes, purchased for specific applications. Servicing all of them can take significant time so, if you wish to reduce this time, make sure you oil regularly. Even though many of our modern reels are loaded with technology to rival the space shuttle, for the most part, simple lubrication is all they require to keep them operating as if straight from the box.

Water, dust and sand ingress are more often than not inevitable. These three reel wreckers do untold damage, in a very short time, to moving parts. With grease and a regular drop from the Daiwa reel oiler, not only will you help mitigate against damage of these things, you will prevent them getting into your reel in the first place. The last thing we want when we are fishing is to feel our reel is operating similar to a butter churn. Not only is much of the joy of your reel gone, the performance is dangerously inhibited, so at best, you’ll lose a prize fish as a reel seizes. At worst, you’ll destroy your reel. Like your car, the fishing reel is a mechanical device, full of moving parts. You’d never consider driving your car without oil, so don’t use a poorly lubricated reel. Taking care of it is quick and simple. Use Daiwa Reel Oil and keep you expensive fishing reel functioning as it says it should on the box.

Barcode # 043178960011
Brand Daiwa

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