Halco Laser Pro 160 DD (Double Deep) 2 Metres + Hard Body Lures

The Laser Pro 160 by Halco Tackle boasts the latest in lure technology, incorporating strength, durability and fish-catching ability. The outer body of the Halco Laser pro has extra-secure hook anchoring, and towing points that are built-in as an integral part of the lure body. Halco’s bulletproof bib securing system provides added strength, and ensures the Laser Pro 160 DD has faultless swimming performance at high and low speeds. A great bluewater trolling lure, the Laser Pro 160 can be trolled over a wide speed band, however its optimum speed for trolling for pelagics is around 6.5 knots. Troll lures at distances ranging from 10-50 metres from the boat. About 25 metres is normal. Troll more than one lure at once to increase your chances, and emulate a school of fish. When trolling for toothy pelagics, such as mackerel, remember to use a Halco Snap or Supa Snap Trace. Always troll your lures at different distances from the boat. Not only does this cover more area, it also avoids tangles when turning the boat, as the closer lure will pass under the further lure during the turn. The Laser Pro 160 is the most popular lure of the classic Laser Pro range, and comes in either standard (1m), deep diver (2m+), or extra deep diver (6.1m) versions.


  • #2 Mustad 3XX Trebles
  • Bulletproof Polycarbonate
  • STD 1m, DD 2m+, XDD 6.1m+


Model Trolling Speed Weight Length Hooks Applications Buoyancy
LP160, LP160 D, LP160 XDD 3-11 Knots 30 Grams 160mm, 6.3 Inches #2 Mustad 3XX Trebles Casting, Trolling Floating


The Halco name has always been synonymous with quality in lure manufacturing at a very affordable price and the Halco Laser Pro 160 has been one of the finest examples, the Halco Laser Pro 160 has been a staple for game fisherman Australia wide for as long as they have been made, one of the all-time best Mackerel lures the Halco Laser Pro 160 catches fish after fish and keeps swimming straight, but the Halco Laser Pro 160 will not only catch Mackerel, it will catch most pelagic species. The Halco Laser Pro 160 with its durable construction and supper strong bib will not crack and the hooks and tow points will not pull out on long fights with big fish, if you are looking for a versatile lure that is quality to a T then the Halco Laser Pro 160 is the best choice.

The Halco Laser Pro 160 has shown itself as an awesome tuna lure, due to its ability to keep swimming straight even in rough seas as the boat speeds up down waves on the Troll and not blow out of the water it is hard to go past as no fisherman wants to have to worry about the lures they are trolling not doing what they are meant to do.

Brand Halco
Shipping Weight 0.1500kg

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