Jackall Chubby 38 Deep Hard Body Lure

At a size that appeals to a wide range of estuary and freshwater species the Jackall Chubby deep have a tight, wide action that screams for attention. Whether you want to slow roll them over weed beds or stab and dart them among structure the Jackall Chubby’s will convert lookers into scorers. Crankbaiting for light tackle sport fish has exploded in Australia, and it’s thanks to lures like the Jackall Chubby Deep.
The Jackall Chuuby is the original and the best, the Jackall chubby is the benchmark in chubby minnows and it is the base of what most other chubby minnow shapes are based on. The Jackalll Chubby Minnow with its quality construction and Finnish lasts until you lose it to a big fish. What also makes the Jackall Chubby minnow so great is the terminal it comes factory standard with and the fact you have to change nothing. The terminal on the Jackall Chubby is the best in the business and when all the other lures terminal in your tackle box have disintegrated and the Jackall Chubby deep has not you will understand why. Many Australian Bream anglers favourite by no stretch of the imagination, the Jackal Chubby Minnow has reached this esteemed reputation by no other means than it catches fish. The most popular of the Jackall Chubbies colour range, Pink eye Suji Shrimp and Suji Shrimp you will find in most  Bream anglers tackle boxes. The range of colours in the Jackall Chubbies arsenal extends far beyond this though. Brown Suji Shrimp, Suji Shrimp and Ghost Gill are also amazing bream catching colours. The Jackall Chubbies have long been proven and will long be proven fish catching lures. 
With lures like the Jackall Chubby deep you can target fish deep in the water column, a good lure for fishing from the boat throwing at river and bay edges the Jackall Chubby Deep will dive deep fast and hug the edges and structure close tempting big bream and flathead to strike. The Jackall Chubby Deep is better fished from the boat as opposed to from the shore for this reason as if you are pulling a deep diving minnow back to the shore it as a good chance of snagging, working flats is not ideal with the Jackall Chubby deep as the action is impeded trying to pull it back towards you as it will scruff the bottom too much.


  • Length: 38mm
  • Weight: 4.3g

Brand Jackall
Shipping Weight 0.1500kg

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