Megabass Magdraft 5" Soft Plastic Swimbait Fishing Lure

Tetsuya Nakamura's Spark Shad, Yuki Ito's Spindle Worm. A third thug appears in the megabass swimming soft lure that has opened up many tough situations! Its development code name is X-SWIMMWER-MAGDRAFT. Known as "Magdora". As the name suggests, the natural body made of soft skin has a built-in magnet, and the triple hook that has spooked the monster of 100 battles is stuck to the body. At the same time as diluting the presence of the hook, the water flow resistance that the hook that was dancing to the left and right receives is reduced. Pursuing extremely natural action and vibration, we have achieved swim performance and stable swim balance in the glass area where the huge three needles interfered. The fins that jut out to the left and right suppress the body roll, reproduce the natural bait that swims in a very natural body, and guard the two hooks that protrude to the top of the triple hooks that are in close contact with the body by the mug hold system. It enables near contact as close to the cover as possible. In addition, the hook that is in close contact with the body is released at the short attack level. The direct fighting style, which is directly connected to the line eye in the straight position, reduces the variation caused by the rough fight of the monsters that are aggressively rampaging to the utmost limit. In test fishing, bass is, of course, demonstrating its destructive power in the structure game of Monster Seabass.

Brand Megabass

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