Megabass Vibration-X Dyna Rattle Sinking Fishing Lure

The concept of VIBRATION-X DYNA is "compact body"+"high power"!! Thorough pursuit of bite-sized silhouette, ultra-high pitch vibration with intense roll, overwhelming flight distance, and outstanding structure avoidance performance. The internal weight has been lowered to the utmost to improve stability, and the cup provided on the nose reliably catches water, increasing the responsiveness of the action to the utmost limit. The overwhelming goodness of swimming that starts at the same time as the start of retrieval expands the productive zone and realizes an overwhelming wide area capture despite its small body. The small giant "Dyna" produces overwhelming strong waves and super-fast blinking that surpasses conventional small vibrators. It evokes the struggle instinct of neutral fish and brings out a new dimension of reaction bite.


  • Length: 51mm
  • Weight: 3 / 8oz.
  • Type: Rattle in

Brand Megabass

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