Predatek D120 Downunder Boomerang Clear Bib Fishing Lure

We started making lures under the 'Downunder Lures' banner in 1986 and our first lure, now a classic, was the 80mm Downunder Boomerang. Now it has a big brother, the D120 Downunder Magnum Boomerang. It complements the Jabberwok surface lure to make a fine duo for large Murray cod in rivers or the shallow (0-5m) margins of impoundments. It's also a great choice for other big predators in Australia like barramundi and mulloway.

The Downunder is moulded in one piece with the stainless steel eyelets embedded. It's puncture-proof.

Our experience has been that most Murray cod strike the belly hook of our other lures, so we've hung both 2/0 trebles on the belly of the Downunder. This allows us to do something different with the tail eyelet—add a flashing swing blade as an extra attractant.

Big and bigger but still easy to cast.

Like the Jabberwok surface lure, the Downunder has a body length of 120mm and the bulk required to attract trophy Murray cod over 1 metre. You'll appreciate that it's not tiresome for long sessions of one-handed casting. It has a strong action that can be felt at the rod tip.

For those occasions when monster fish are on the cards (e.g. Lake Copeton where the Downunder Boomerang story was born), you can have a Downunder that has an even bigger appearance without the overhead of extra weight and casting effort. How? Use a Downunder with a black bib. The increased apparent length and width of the lure make it a bigger target for bigger fish.

Brand Predatek

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