Profishent Chainsaw 65mm Crankbait Hard Body Fishing Lure

At 65mm in body length (105mm overall including bib) the Profishent Tackle Chainsaw fishing lure immediately screams yellowbelly, murray cod, mangrove jack, large sooty grunter, barramundi, and fingermark. However, that's only half a dozen fish species that immediately come to mind. There are much more fish, both freshwater or salt, that would take up the Profishent Tackle Chainsaw lure as a mere snack.

The beauty of the Profishent tackle chainsaw lure is that its diving depth can reach a comfortable 3.5 meters deep, making it an excellent choice for fishing around deeply sunken structure like timber and rock. These are the sites where you are more likely to find your intended fishy targets.

The build is such that Profishent Tackle Chainsaw fishing lures not only make an excellent lure for casting and fishing structure but also excel for trolling applications in open water too. In saltwater lakes and broad rivers, we're confident the Chainsaw will account for several decent catches of large flathead, mulloway, and tailor on the troll.

Profishent Tackle has accomplished and developed a good range of colours. We can already see that Colours BG and MBP are going to be two best sellers for yellowbelly. Colour GBG and OS should be standouts for barra anglers and OB, GT, or MBP we think will be the dominant murray cod colours.

Features and Specifications

Size 65mm body length (105mm overall incl bib)
Weight: Approx 16 grams
Ideal for freshwater or saltwater fishing
Diving depth: Approx 3.5 metres
Buoyancy: Floating
Perfect for casting or trolling
Suitable for rock walls, fishing structure or for open water lakes and rivers
Main target species include yellowbelly, murray cod, barra, sooty grunter, golden snapper, salmon, tailor, bonito, threadfin, mangrove jack, river queenfish, large flathead, mulloway
Note: Price is for one Chainsaw fishing lure only. Multiple images on display are for reference only. Pick a colour when placing your order.


Ideal for both trolling or casting. The diving depth range to 3.5 metres makes the Profishent Tackle Chainsaw lure quite a versatile fishing lure for both freshwater and saltwater fishing applications.
The Chainsaw excels from casting at snaggy timber structure through to trolling open water lakes and rivers.
At 65mm in length, it's a perfect general crossover size that will easily catch a broad range of fish.
With floating buoyancy, Profishent Tackle Chainsaw lures are more comfortable to fish in snaggy structure. With some skill, you can pause your retrieve, allowing your chainsaw fishing lure to float up over the snag.

Brand Profishent

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