Shimano Sephia Egixile BB 2.5 Squid Jigs

The Shimano Sephia Egixile squid jigs are available in the NEW standard BB range. Established as a highly effective jig amongst Australian EGI anglers, the Shimano Sephia Egixile range has been revamped and relaunched by teaming up with Shimano Japan to deliver a unique Australian offering, inspired by local baitfish. Models are available in Glow and Keimura UV bodies and the range is now available in new colours based off native Australian baitfish, The BB is identified by the blue packaging, with a blue glow eye and feather, making Shimano Egixile jigs more attractive to squid than ever. The standard BB range is available in three sizes (2.5, 3.0 & 3.5) and twelve colours. All models feature a high quality SUS 304 Japanese stainless Crown for sharpness, strength and rust resistance.

When it comes to choosing a good squid Jig the Shimnao Sephia egixile SS Rattle 2.5 have a squid jig in the range to suit all types of squid fishing, What is the best colour squid Jig to use? The best colour squid jig to use can vary from day to day and water clarity has a lot to do with this, another thing that will dictate what colour squid jig to use is the depth, we have a lot of success on Bright colour squig jigs in deeper water, but this being said they can also work very well in shallow water on a bright day. Colours like te Egixile Black tiger prawn and red prawn always have good success on squid when fishing very heavy Kelp, a good colour to use in clear water ontop of ribbon weed are the lighter jigs like all the glow colours. The Shimano egixile BB Rattle 2.5 squid jigs also have  two natural colours, Natural Pillie and Slimy, these colours are a good squid jig to use around headlands and ocean bays where squid are acivly feeding on Pilchards and Slimy Makerel. The lighter 2.5 Squid Jigs are designed to be fished in shallower bays, harbours and estuaries, but can also be fished deeper with a paternoster rig. 

Brand Shimano

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