The most humane way to kill a fish. The process was developed by the Japanse for sashimi grade fish and called it "ikijime"

Once caught, fish can spoil very rapidly.
This is caused by enzymes, bacteria and oxidation, the process accelarates rapidly when fish are left in the sun, in the bilge of a boat, or anywhere it can dry out or heat up.
Enzymes in the gut flesh continue to work, breaking down the gut lining and flesh.
This destroys the texture of the flesh and causes the flavour to be spoiled.
The spoilage process can be slowed and quality fish presented in terms of appearance, flesh texture, taste and odour, if the following procedure is followed.
On capture, the fish should be killed as quickly as possible.
The best method is to spike the fish through the brain with a sharp instrument such as the SURECATCH Stainless Fish Spike.

  • Brand New in Original Condition
  • Stainless Steel Spike
  • Deluxe T Shape moulded handle
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Made by well known and trusted Company SureCatch.

Barcode # 8887113201263
Brand SureCatch

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