Tru Turn Gang Hooks

There really is nothing more Aussie angler than a Pilchard on a set of gang hooks either down at the beach tossing them at 3 plus kilo Aussie Salmon, or chopper Tailor, or casting them at massive greenbacks from the rocks. Of course, depending on where you live, you may substitute the Pillies for Garfish. Whichever way you go, it's quintessential Aussie fishing that we grew up with and continue to do today.


Gang hooks have always come with little frustrations. Firstly, joining hook to hook is often a laborious process. We jab ourselves with hook points, close the hole to much so the hooks won't move, or not enough so they come apart. Often, hooks sold separately to be ganged are quite soft and not great quality. Articulation is poor when joined hook to hook, making baiting cumbersome, and causing lost fish. Tru Turn Gang Hooks changes all of that.


Sold already linked in 3 gangs (3 hooks linked together), the hooks are joined with quality rolling swivels. This makes baiting a breeze and ensures a huge lift in hook-ups and landed fish. The hooks are cone cut Permasteel 711 hooks and the unique design ensures that the pointy end will always turn toward the source of pressure, I.E. the mouth. They are incredibly sharp, providing reliable penetration and strong enough to handle teeth, rocks and the fighting power of a monster. Tru Turn Gang Hooks for sale now are sold in packs of 5 sets of rigged gangs, and will change your approach to rigging with gangs.


Features and Specifications:

  • Sizes 1/0, 2/0, 3/0 or 4/0
  • 5 linked gang sets per pack (3 hooks in a link)
  • Cone cut Permasteel 711 hooks
  • Joined with rolling swivels
  • Tru-Turn cam action
  • Super strong
  • Super Sharp

Note: Price is for 1 packet only. Choose the size you require when ordering.




  • The unique hook design (Tru-Turn cam action) will ensures that the hook, when attacked, will always turn toward the point of pressure, the mouth of the fish.
  • The swivels assist the Tru-Turn cam action turning the hook into the mouth of the fish for an increased hook-up percentage.
  • The gang of three hooks with swivel spacing is a great fit commonly sold or collected Pillies and Garfish.
  • The hooks are super sharp and strong, providing outstanding penetration, and the strength to endure the battle, as well as contact with snags and structure.
  • The rolling swivels are premium grade. The rig has much better articulation than the traditional hook to hook style, making baiting easier and safer, and hook-ups more certain.
  • Sold in convenient packs of 5. With a few packs, you can cover yourself for hooks for several outings. Highly cost effective.
  • Tru Turn Gang Hooks are an efficient and cost effective way to rig and fish with gangs. No more time will be spent painstakingly joining, soft, often dull hooks in to gang configuration. Outstanding quality, supper sharp and great articulation for easy rigging and trigger like hook-ups.

Brand Tru Turn
Shipping Weight 0.0500kg

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