Deps Silent Killer 250 Bibbed Swimbait

Dogtooth Distribution is proud to be affiliated with Japan's leading Swimbait manufacturer - DEPS. Straight from the top shelf, the DEPS Silent Killer is the ultimate swimbait, you are simply not going to find any other bait like it in the Australian market place. The Silent Killer features a superbly crafted ABS plastic body which is encased by soft plastic material, giving the bait a realistic look and feel - not matched by any other manufacturer. This more realistic feel ensures predator species such as large Australian Bass and Murray Cod not only hit the bait, but also ensures the bait stays within the mouth. It can be retrieved on the surface (Waking the bait), dead stick retrieve, and subsurface retrieve. When the bait is retrieved underwater it dives from 1- 1.5 meters.


The “new silent killer 250” is a magnum-sized big bait developed exclusively for catching giant fish.
Real wave by the soft shell and ABS hollow core composite body and the tremendous fish gathering power emitted by the 250 mm mass body enable monster hunting of different dimensions, aiming for the record class living in the water area .
The "new silent killer 250" invites wobbling with powerful and realistic waves in the surface to 1.5m range, and also supports dead sticking.
The new standard Big Bait was born in an era where even a 70cm UP is not a dream or illusion, and the demands of the hunters following it can be said to be extreme.
The “new silent killer 250” boasting the size and weight of the user who chooses the user, should be the only one who can get a definitive answer in the severe hunting of huge fish that only follows the record size.

powerful 250mm body that creates powerful and vibrant waves.
The impact is tremendous, and even under conditions where regular baits and other lures do not even chase, they demonstrate tremendous fishing power that chase like a big bass.
hollow core body that enables wobbling action with higher pitch than ABS CORE BODY enables clear color setting and spring weight micro vibe system.
Weights are installed outside the front core body, and you can easily tune weights by removing the soft shell.
spring weight system mounted on the head produces a knocking sound that hits the inner wall as the weight is shaken at the time of action, and a fine vibration with a sense of life and induces a bite.
Trouble-less bumper fins that imitate fins while reducing hooks on the body and lines.
Being able to continue casting without stress while controlling casting and landing problems is a great advantage in big bait games where miscasting is fatal. In addition, controlling the movement of the hook during retrieval also has the effect of increasing the hooking rate.
■ Because
a fight with the HOOK monster class is inevitable, hooks that boast excellent penetration with extremely smooth surface treatment are selected. Tin (tin) coat finish, which is close to the protection color like baitfish abdomen, camouflages the presence of hooks.
For selective buses that dislike hooks, replace them with feather hooks (# 1/0), not only deceive old monsters who are cautious, but also suck feathers into shimmering water currents and bitter bytes. Increases hookup rate.

■ POLYCARBONATE WIDE LIP / Polycarbonate wide lip
Polycarbonate lip with excellent impact resistance has a wide coffin shape that enhances the performance of avoiding obstacles that can swim by separating floating substances.
While keeping the dive depth, it firmly grasps the water and gives a powerful wave to a 250mm big body.
damper effect provided by the soft shell that overhangs the front body and core suppresses unnatural noise that occurs when the joints collide, creating a smooth, lively action. ■ WATER THROUGH DUCT The duct provided between the core body and the soft shell takes in the water flow inside the body during retrieval and discharges it at the joint. The soft shell with a slight deflection creates a unique sense of life.
■ SURFACE RETRIEVE / Surface RetrieveSurface Retrieve
with strong water flow by large mass body stimulates food by producing large bait fish that struggles on the water surface, and also shows presence with large underwater while disturbing the water surface .
The wide lip squeezes out the weeds and floating debris, snaglessly captures the area around the cover and induces a bite with intimidation.

■ SUB SURFACE RETRIEVE / Subsurface retrieve Cranking
traces a maximum range of about 1.5m. The surface of the lake undulates, making it very effective in situations where it is difficult to appeal on the surface, or to bring a cunning big fish that does not come out on the surface to the reaction bite.

■ DEAD STICKING / Dead sticking In

addition to the natural flutter of real details and feather hooks, the dead sticking inviting by the overwhelming presence of the big body is a big bus fighting spirit that does not react with regular size big bait dead sticking You can stir it and lead it to a bite.

Brand Deps

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