Fishing Rod Finder: What Makes Different Fishing Rods Unique?

For those new to the idea of fishing, it can be a little overwhelming seeing all the different gear that is available on the market. It can seem like every different type of fish or body of water requires its own set of equipment, and if you’re not sure what to look for, there’s always the concern that you’re not buying the right gear for your specific needs or preferences.

With that being said, fishing is a fantastic and versatile hobby, and it’s worth taking the time to learn about the various options available to you. Whether you’re preparing for your first fishing trip or you’re just thinking about expanding your fishing repertoire, we at OZ Fishing are here to help.

In a previous article, we went into a few of the different options you could choose from in terms of a fishing rod. However, we felt that there was a lot more ground to cover and that a bit more elaboration may be in order.  So, today, we’re going to take a look at a few of the different types of fishing rods, so you can be sure that you are making informed decisions before your lure hits the water.

Baitcast Rods

With the reel positioned on the top of the rod, baitcasting rods offer anglers a high level of control. This is in part thanks to a trigger grip, ensuring that the angler can maintain their hold whether they’re casting their line or trying to reel in a fish. The grip of a baitcasting rod is great in wet conditions or when things just start to get a little slippery. Not only that, but baitcasting rods tend to be able to support heavier lines, allowing anglers a longer cast than comparable alternatives.

EGI (Squid) Rods

As the name suggests, EGI rods, or squid rods, are rods that are specifically designed to catch squid using squid jigs. They’re lightweight, fast-action rods that tend to be longer than your standard fishing rod. Squid fishing is difficult, as lunging squids are at risk of fishers tearing their spikes out without the proper equipment. So, if you’re planning on going squid fishing, it’s important that you have a setup that is catered to the challenges associated with squid.

Fly Rods

In short, fly rods are one of the most versatile rod varieties, being the go-to for many anglers who prefer streams and rivers rather than ocean fishing. Fly fishing uses a weightless lure and a weighted line to give off the illusion that the lure is free in the water, and it is considered to be a more challenging form of fishing for those that want a unique way to test their skills.

Jigging Rods

A jigging rod is designed to be used with a braided line and has been optimised to handle the fast action and movements required for jig fishing. Jig fishing can, after all, take some time and requires quite a bit of movement, which can wear on fishing rods that haven’t been designed to handle this level of intensity in the water.

Overhead Rods

Boat fishing, especially in the ocean, is a different experience, generally requiring sturdier equipment than in rivers or lakes. Therefore, overhead rods are specifically made for fishing in boats and can be used to catch larger fish. Overhead rods are suited to a slower approach to fishing, with the goal being to wait for fish to come to you rather than casting and reeling repeatedly.

Spinning Rod

If you’ve got a picture of what a fishing rod looks like in your mind, it’s likely that you’re picturing a spinning rod. With the reel beneath the rod, spinning rods are the most versatile of the fishing rod varieties, with different models to reflect durability. They’re fitted with rod blanks, allowing for more bend and pull than would usually be possible with a rod. If you’re considering picking up a rod for the first time without a strong idea of what you specifically want to use it for, a spinning rod is likely going to be the ideal choice for you.

Surf Rods

Want the same experience as a spinning rod but with the dexterity and durability required for waves and brackish water? Then the surf rod is the exact right choice for you. The most notable visual difference between spinning rods and surf rods is their length, with many being around 15’.

Travel Rod

Last but not least, we have the travel rod. Unlike other rods, travel rods aren’t necessarily rods with a particular style of fishing in mind. Rather, travel rods are designed specifically for, as the name suggests, travel. They’re portable, making them great for those that want to keep their fishing gear close at hand. Travel rods don’t necessarily need to compromise on quality, and they can make an excellent addition to an existing fishing arsenal for moments when other rods would simply be impractical.


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