Profishent Tackle Mc Fizz Lure

If there is a single fishing lure that will send barra anglers into a buzz, It's the new Profishent Tackle Mc Fizz Fishing lure.

At 110mm in length and weighing in at around 17 grams the Mc Fizz is an excellent casting choice for rivers, lakes and dams. Not only is the Mc Fizz lure a superb choice for barra, but its equally remarkable for a wide range of other fish species too. Saratoga, fingermark, mangrove jack, sooty grunter, murray cod, queenfish are just a couple of additional targets that quickly come to mind without too much thought.

We're relatively confident that when conditions allow, the Profishent Tackle Mc Fizz lure will also make a hot choice for salmon, tailor and bonito fishing off the rocks too.

The design of the Profishent Tackle Mc Fizz is such that you can retrieve it after a cast in various styles. Straight, slow or with a fast wind are all actions that allow the fizz tail to make a heck of a fish-attracting commotion upon the surface of the water

Features and Specifications

Length: 110mm
Weight: Approx 17 grams
Surface lure (Fizzer Tail)
Retrieve: Multiple (fast, straight, slow, pause and bloop)
Ideal for saltwater or freshwater fishing
Perfect for barramundi, murray cod, certain perch species, sooty grunter, queenfish, mangrove jack, fingermark, salmon, tailor, bonito, saratoga and more
Note: Price displayed is for one single Profishent Tackle Mc Fizz Lure only. The multiple images shown are for illustrative reference only.


Prop fizz tail works as a supplementary fish attractor. When retrieved, the prop starts to spin and creates a medium level of water disturbance. Offering additional attraction will grab the attention of fish that might be deep down in the snags.
17 Grams approximate weight makes an ideal lure for casting inshore waters. When conditions are perfect and with the right fishing equipment, you should have no issues casting the Mc Fizz from rock platforms or boats.
Priced well, this is a tournament quality lure for a very accessible price. Just about any angler can afford one. However, at our online deal pricing, why not stock your tackle kit with a range.

Brand Profishent

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