Similar to the Pompadour that every Cod and Bass fisherman knows and loves is the Jackall Pompadour Custom. This lure fratures a larger rear prop than the original model which churns the water up and creates more noise. The custom Pompadour has replaced the front treble with a colorado blade to create extra flash. The rear treble has also been changed to a double hook which allows the lure to be more snag resistand and fish friendly. 

You can fish it as simply as cast and slow retrieve or twitching it under trees or above snags. The rattling internals imitate a cicada or chattering bird. The buzz blade on the rear is for insect and bubble attractant. The wings pull the whole scenario together with their freestyle action to form possibly the coolest action and noisiest topwater lure you’ll ever use. “Cod and Bass slayer from heaven”.

Oreore Secret 24g Floating 79mm
Frog Bone 24g Floating 79mm
Storong Blue Zarigani 24g Floating 79mm
Poison Dart Frog 24g Floating 79mm
BG Frog Bone 24g Floating 79mm

Brand Jackall

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